Photos from 2014 Cadillac ELR first drive

Jeffrey Jablansky, of the New York Daily News, was among the first to test drive the Cadillac ELR following the media days at the LA Auto Show. The highlight for Jeffrey was definitely the luxurious interior he calls a “sumptuous cockpit is a well-integrated interpretation of technology and luxury”. With suede, leather, chrome, wood, and high-grade vinyl materials, the Cadillac ELR is certainly multiple steps of luxury above the Chevy Volt, even though they share the same drivetrain (minus a few technology tweaks in the ELR that give it slightly more performance).

Another great feature is the wheel mounted paddles that let the ELR dynamically control the level of regenerative breaking in the luxury plug-in hybrid that Jeffrey likened to a video game-like feel.

The Chevy Volt is set to have a next generation released just around the corner, so Jeffrey notes he’s curious to see what improvements will migrate to Cadillac’s “posh” plug-in hybrid.

Source and Photos: NYDailyNews

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