Cadillac ELR in Jay Leno’s Garage

No, that’s not in Jay Leno’s garage, it’s in Jay Leno’s show’s garage called “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Right, so that means there is no difference?

Earlier this week Jay Leno’s garage received a 2014 Cadillac ELR to test drive on the open road. This is the first time anyone outside of Cadillac has been allowed to drive the vehicle.

Jay Leno currently owns a Chevrolet Volt. Since the ELR shares the same drivetrain, he is more than comfortable with the ins and outs of driving a range-extended electric vehicle. The ELR does have a few modified parts that set it above the Volt. The ELR motor has 58 more horsepower than the motor in the Volt, and it has 23 lb-ft more of torque than the Volt. That makes driving it a little more fun, but it also shortens the all electric range slightly. Instead of the 38 miles the Volt gets per charge, the Cadillac ELR gets 35 miles.

Check out the Jay’s Leno Garage video below to watch Leno drive the ELR along the road. Jay Leno’s team says “Lose your range anxiety and get lost in the luxury of leather, wood, and carbon fiber.”

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